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"A Shepherd's Sanctuary"

A Holistic Approach to Supporting Intimacy and Alignment with God


I cultivate spaces and experiences for Christian pastors, congregations and communities to experience formative education and development. Formative education offers a holistic approach that attends to the spiritual, ethical, social and intellectual development of learners, and supports their pursuit of purpose and living a full life (Boston College, 2023). 


My work focuses on the formation of pastors and clergy, congregations, and communities with a focus on  justice, community, and a sabbath lifestyle of rest, rejuvenation and communion with God. My pedagogical approach is marked by sharing stories, vulnerability, play, creativity, and curiosity. I incorporate contemplative practices, art and movement. We explore values, experience stillness in the presence of God, deep listening, and meeting people where they are. 


Community-building programming provides opportunities to become a part of loving support system as participants move through life and their calling, expanding companionship and community.

Sabbath spaces are in-person and virtual experiences. They are cultivated to offer opportunities to rest, rejuvenate and reflect. Participants are able to experience silent meditation, prayer and communion with God, drawing on the rich ecumenical traditions of the Church.  

About Me.

I am a woman of faith, facilitator, advocate and organizer called to build spaces for people to grow in intimacy and alignment with God. I have ten years of experience teaching, developing and managing programs, and building strategic partnerships across government, non-profits and universities. I have delivered programming and service in the Smithsonian Institution, Boston Public Schools, Year Up, Northern Virginia Community College, Boston College and Brandeis University. My various roles have provided me with a range of experiences in cultivating communities of love and trust, and serving as a change agent to create more just systems and spaces. Through sharing stories and bringing people together in collective action, I have been able to support communities to enact systemic change and pursue purpose.

While obtaining my Ph.D. in Applied Developmental and Educational Psychology at Boston College, my doctoral work focused on the role of love and purpose in the educational and career journeys of people of color. I was awarded the American Education Research Association Minority Dissertation Fellowship and completed my dissertation, entitled, "Pursuing Purpose In STEM And Beyond: The Education And Career Journeys Of STEM Program Alumni Of Latinx And African Descent." While working on my dissertation, God called me into ministry. As a prayer minister with the Global Family of Prayer, I have developed and led online spaces of prayer and meditation, bringing together participants from around the world. I combine my experience from education, higher education, career development, and ministry programs and use it to support pastors, congregations and communities in drawing close to God and learning how to dance on injustice. I am continuing my education and am in my final year of a Master's in Divinity program at Shaw University.


My work reflects the intersection of spiritual formation, theology, developmental psychology and formative education to cultivate meaningful experiences and spaces that serve to foster the holistic growth and development of pastors, congregations, and community.

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