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How to Dance on Injustice

Dancing on Injustice is unique in evoking creativity, joy, art, liberation, peace and love in our effort to end injustice


Embracing Love: Cultivating Spaces where People Feel Seen & Heard

This session offers an opportunity for reflective practice as participants consider mini cases of work and education spaces in which people felt seen and heard. The facilitator will identify ideas as well as tensions to consider in enacting approaches of cultivating a space. Participants will also reflect on thier needs and postures as they examine where they are with building community spaces in whcih people can experience love in sharing their stories, voices and feelings.


Whiteness, Love, and Racial Justice

The curriculum is for clergy and pastors over churches and ministry. This is for white people seeking to dig into their personal relationship and ministry around serving Black people, loving Black people, reconciliation and deepening their awareness of their role and call in serving and uniting people across racialized ethnic groups. This curriculum is unique in that it focuses on white people in pastoral and clergy roles and centers experiences of the Holy Spirit in our midst. It offers an opportunity to transform heart, mind and will with a goal of people leaving the curriculum ready to walk in the truth of who they are in Christ as ministers of reconciliation and ambassadors of Christ.  

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